“FORBES develops critical thinkers and curious, creative leaders who aspire to use their talents to better the world.”

      • Learn by Doing

        Extend your impact beyond the classroom as you apply academic theories to real-world experiences.

      • Real World Business Challenges

        The power of experiential learning is realized throughout the FORBES curriculum, from the required Internships and Projects,...

      • Be Challenged at Every Moment

        The curriculum at FORBES is immersive, intensive and hands-on. We bring rigor and relevance to core and elective courses, ...

      • Rigor and Relevance

        We ask a lot of students, but no more than what will be asked of them as leaders. Every element in the academic experience at FORBES

      •  Change The World

        Come here to  be challenged. Leave ready to take on the most important challenges of our time. At FORBES, We create wise leaders who aspire to become the difference in the world of business and beyond

      • Build Better Organizations

        Pivot. Change careers. Find your calling. At FORBES we align outcomes with aspirations by connecting students with incredible opportunities and the resources

      • Lead across Cultures

        Learn to lead cross-culturally through the portfolio of on-the-ground learning opportunities that make up the best. Faculty - led immersive global courses,

      • A World of Opportunities

        Learning is boundless in our interconnected world. But to truly understand how others live, work, and do business - a requirement for today’s leaders


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Come here to be challenged. Leave ready to take on the most important challenges of our time.
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     Duration: 3 Years

    For PCBM+BBA Scholarships

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    Duration: 2 Years

    For PGCM+MBA Scholarships

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    Duration: 5 Years

    For PCBM+PGCM (BBA+MBA) Scholarships

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Full-time PGCM+MBA a great chance to transcend career

“With the resource industry in transition I saw now as a great time to embark on further study. I was looking for a qualification, which would complement my background in engineering and provide me the opportunity to make the transition from an engineer to a strategy focused position.” “The MBA program at FORBES Business School is giving me a broader skill-set to accelerate my career progression both within and beyond the sector. I feel like my professional options have expanded dramatically and that’s really exciting.”

Krishna Srikar, MBA Student
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Budding Marketing Professional

“Studying my PGCM+MBA at FORBES Business School has broaden my horizons in more ways than one. With an experience as a marketing professional in the banking industry, I wanted to transition into newer heights, and have the opportunity to move into management. FORBES Business School enabled me to build both knowledge and skillsets because we are taught by industry acclaimed faculty, who share their experience and expertise to students.”

Lakshmi Manoj, MBA Student.

Career Development Centre

FORBES students receive exclusive access to coaching and resources that advance their careers.

Shape your career

Have access to our career development centre and connect with top companies around the world and across industries on a year-round basis. Just as your education at FORBES prepares you for success in business, equips

Personalized support for your unique career path

Just as your education at FORBES prepares you for success in business, equips you to manage your career over a lifetime. Our resources such as one-on-one coaching, job search career education series, specialized industry resources and access to hundreds of employers can help you advance in your industry or take your career in a new direction.

Recruiting Relationships

FORBES connects students with top employers from across industries and around the world. The process starts with developing a customized job search strategy around your goals. Whether you want to work at a start-up or at a major corporation, we’ll help you leverage our relationships with employers around the world and across industries. Building connections with companies can happen in many ways, from on-campus recruiting to participating in our industry-based career trek

One-on-One Coaching

We're proud to offer unlimited free, one-on-one coaching for students. Coaches will work with you on every part of the job search process, from career visioning and self-assessment to refining your interview skills and benchmarking offers.

Resource Centre

Our team of research specialists curate business resources to assist students in the job search process. Unique to FORBES, this team provides students with a variety of job-search resources and workshops.

Mentor Programme

The FORBES Mentoring Programme connects students and graduates with senior level managers who have followed a similar path. These mentors are available to the student post admission. Mentors provide information and advice throughout the program of study and into the future. With extensive practical business experience, they can help you bridge your education and the realities of the business world.